Graduate engineers that have worked in consulting offices are familiar with the organization and nature of different jobs. The required skills to step up to intermediate level covered in this training package are the followings:

  • Analysis and design of simple structures as a whole
    Seeing the big picture that includes all design components required for a small structures (i.e. low-rise buildings ). Interaction with other engineering disciplinaries to receive and document the information that affects the design.
  • Mastering of New Zealand standards (e.g. NZS1170,NZS3101,NZS3404 depending on the company's needs) 
    New Zealand standards scopes and application in design of small to medium size building structures including practical examples.
  • Preparing consent packages for territorial authorities (TAs) and responding to RFIs
  • Project management in consulting offices (basic level)
    Getting familiar with job circulation in consulting offices. Knowing about concepts such as tracking tasks vs time, deadlines, rework, variation, write off and client communication.
  • Fundamentals of seismic design and detailed seismic assessment (DSA) of existing buildings and required resources
  • Learning about current construction practice in New Zealand
    Proprietary products and cost effective design solutions.
  • Structural analysis software ETABS (level one, depending on the company's needs)
"Training package 2: Graduate engineers stepping up to intermediate level"