Although graduate Engineers finishing university are familiar with engineering concepts and principles, yet they need to be facilitated with additional skills to be able to work as a consulting engineer. This training package is designed to upskill new graduate engineers to quickly fit in engineering consultancy teams without having to waste time on real jobs and imposing extra costs on the company.

The package includes the following topics:

  •  An overview of engineering consultancy as a business
    The fact that engineering consultancy is a business necessitates the graduate engineers to differentiate it from academic environments that they are used to. They will learn that this is a business that sells time and engineering expertise.
  • Organizational tasks
    Induction process, common reoccurring meetings and purpose of them. Introducing subjects such as timesheets, online task management software, health and safety policy and professional development program (PDP).
  • Type of the tasks for graduate engineers in an engineering consulting office
    Graduate engineers usually perform tasks that are parts of a larger job. They include structural members design, reading drawings and technical communication. 
    Their work is supervised by senior engineers and combined with other teams members works.
  • Resources that graduate engineers need in engineering consultancy
    Getting familiar with New Zealand Standards, guidelines (NZS) and introducing small software/spreadsheets required to design structural members.
"Training package 1: New engineers preparation to work as consulting engineers at graduate level"