Our project specific courses are designed for potential upcoming jobs that engineering consultancies want to train their team for. It significantly saves time on job and assures good practice engineering approach. The followings are some example cases;

Specific structures or construction type
Seismic analysis for design/assessment of specific type of structures such as followings using ETABS according to NZSs.

  • Typical Industrial buildings (steel structures with heavy cladding)
  • Structures with precast concrete panels (tilt-up panels)
  • Irregular commercial buildings
  • High-rise buildings
  • Seismic analysis of bridges

Low damage structural systems
In many cases, owners prefer low damage structural design considering the potential downtime and repair cost after a major seismic event. Analysis and design of the following low damage structural systems are to be presented in a custom designed courses.

  • Analysis and design of structurs with supplemental damping systems
  • Base isolated structures
  • Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB) systems

We can custom-design a training course to meet your most specific needs.

"Project specific training course"