The Kraft Heinz Company's Wattie's factory is situated in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. This factory, renowned among many locals for its delectable food products, required seismic retrofitting for certain structures. EnLink was comitioned the responsibility of conducting a site-specific seismic hazard analysis to furnish Create Ltd consulting engineers with a collection of authentic earthquake acceleration records.

Considering the tectonics of the region, we scrutinized active shallow crustal and subduction faults within a 200 km radius from the site. A disaggregation analysis was executed for five return periods. We generated hazard curves illustrating the probability of exceeding a certain level over 50 years for various spectral ordinates at the specified site.

Subsequently, we meticulously selected and scaled a set of 11 pairs of actual earthquake ground motions to accurately depict the seismic conditions of the site. Create Ltd utilized these developed earthquake acceleration records for the nonlinear time history analyses as part of the strengthening design, incorporating fluid viscous dampers (FVDs).



Hazard curves

Hazard curves showing probability exceeding in 50 years for different spectral ordinates at the site of site interest and for soil class “D”.

Disaggregation bar charts

Disaggregation bar charts for SA (0.90) obtained for 25, 100, 500, 1000 and 2500 years return periods.


Response Spectra

Response Spectra of the selected 11 pairs of ground motion.