This particular project involved a residential building located at 89 Fendalton, Christchurch, characterized by deep concrete piles. The structure suffered damage during the Canterbury Earthquake sequence, leading to significant lateral movement. To address the aftermath, an insurance claim was initiated to cover the repair costs associated with the deep piles.

EnLink took on the responsibility, working in collaboration with SJGD Consulting Ltd, to conduct a meticulous assessment of the pile damage. The primary objective was to thoroughly investigate potential damage scenarios along the piles, including the assessment of yielding or fracture in the reinforcing bars and the evaluation of crack width on the concrete pile sections.

Leveraging computer simulations and considering the measured lateral movement of the building, our team delved into examining the presence of plastic zones along the piles. Nonlinear soil-structure interaction analyses were employed to calculate plastic deformation and ultimate curvature along the piles. The accuracy of the results was further validated through diverse verification methods and on-site observations. This comprehensive approach ensured a thorough understanding of the extent and nature of the damage, providing valuable insights for subsequent repair and restoration costs.

89 Fendalton