How to work with us

How to work with us

Our level of involvement with you is entirely controlled by you. We are happy to engage with you at any stage of your project, with as much or little input as you need. The way of engagement to either of our two main services are described as follows.

1- Additional capacity in engineering and drafting
We offer you two levels of engagement with Enlink. You can have us do your project as a whole or you can benefit our partial contribution to an existing project that is going on in your office. In both cases the general procedure is as follows:
Step-1: Contact us either by email or phone and describe your project.
Step-2: A project manager will be assigned to your job and will contact you within 24 hours.
Step-3: The scope of the job, available documents and deliverables expected from us will be discussed.
Step-4: An agreement will be reached upon pricing and timeframe and a contract will be signed.
Step-5: Required documents such as documents, drawing mock-ups and pictures etc. are sent to us.
Step-6: We take care of the work while you take care of rest of your business, while the project manager will remain in contact with you and reachable by you.
Step-7: The job will be finished and reviewed by our senior engineers for quality assurance and sent to you.
We understand all engineering judgement, assumptions, calculations and sketches/drawings need to be very clear not only to be understandable to your engineers, but also to be presentable to territorial authorities (TAs).

2- Upskilling your engineering team
You can choose from our basic or advanced training packages. If your company has specific needs for an upcoming stream of jobs, you can email or call us and we can discuss your training options. That will help us to design a package specifically for your needs.
The majority of our course materials can be delivered online which gives your engineers great flexibility for both work and training courses.

3- We offer online courses for potential job seekers in New Zealand. Our special packages prepares them to work as consultant engineers.