Why post course support?
We believe that post-course support is key for our training programs. Our post-course program helps you to master the skills you learnt during the course. That guarantees the best outcome for you and success for us.

How the process works?
You are welcome to send email to office@enlink.co.nz with the name of the training course that you took. Explain your relevant technical problem. Then we organize a time with your lecturer, and you will receive online support or via email.

What can be asked?
Any technical issue or questions relevant to the training course can be communicated to us. Everything the you might think “I wish I had asked…”.

Does it cost extra?
No, our post-course support is free of charge if you have taken the course with us. The only charge is your time. 

When does the post-course support period starts?
Right after the course finishes and it is valid for one month. We recommend get in touch sooner than later. According to our experience, it is more effective. 

Chargeable technical support
If you have not had training with us and need support regarding to any of the topics that we provide training for, you are welcome to email office@enlink.co.nz with the subject starting with “Need tech support”. We will organise a free of charge online meeting for you with our relevant expert to explore your needs and choose the best way to help you. 

Linking professionals